TLGen 3.1

April, 2015

TLGen Version 3.1 is ready to use in a Project. TLGen is developed with the aid of generation language CodGen. What TLGen can automatically generated, is here summarized, detailed documentation is to downloaded of the Download-Area.

Detailed Documentation

April, 2015

Now you can download our TLGen v3.1 documentation in english of Download-Area.

What do you need TLGen for?

TLGen is a source code generator which generates automatically back-end code (persistence layer, data-classes) together with client- and test-classes using a domain or database model as input. TLGen generates Java code in latest J2EE standard (EJB 3.x) and combines the advantages of MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and CASE (Computer Aided Software engineering).

Vorteile durch TLGen-Einsatz?

Code-Generierung mit TLGen

100% Code Generation

TLGen automatically generates the back end code together with important test classes in the lastest J2EE standard.

Effiziente Teamgr��e

Efficient Team Size

Minimize your team size and the associated project complexity due to organization problems.

Model Driven Architecture

Model Driven Architecture

The back end generation will be controlled only with the domain model and a configuration file.

Gro�es Einsparpotential

Bring Down Project Costs!

Small team size, reduction of development time, efficient project implementation are only a part of TLGen key benefits to save a lot of money.

Logik an erster Stelle

Logic! Logic! Logic!

Due to automation, human faults in the persistence layer code will be a thing of the past. Center the logic of your project and not the project implementation problems.



Such a fast developed and structured persistence layer like you never seen before, your advantage against competitors.


Unser Partner die StarData GmbH

StarData GmbH participates in the development of TLGen and is the first offical distributor of our Software:

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